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Here are 4 Ways that Physical Therapy can Help You

1. We can help prevent or improve chronic conditions including: Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Headaches, Cancer, Long Covid

Physical Inactivity has been linked to various chronic conditions mentioned above. Conditions such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer and Long Covid  can result in decreased endurance, mobility, motivation. Figuring out how to get past your barriers and back to your life is what Physical Therapists do! We can help with increasing endurance, strength, mobility, and balance through tailored interventions specific to you. We help you learn how to monitor your signs and symptoms in order for you to know when to work, rest, or recover. With headaches, Physical Therapy can often help identify triggers, decrease intensity and frequency of them in order to minimize the impact on your day to day life.

2. We can help decrease pain, avoid surgeries, and decrease use of prescription drugs

Learning about pain and what it is and how it operates has shown to decrease pain, fear of motion or tissue damage with activity, as well as improve people’s quality of life and overall function. Getting moving and decreasing pain often leads to taking less medication for pain or blood pressure. 

Getting into a Physical Therapist prior to surgery can often speed up recovery afterwards, or help you reconsider it all together. Our phrase is “stronger in, stronger out.” Usually, if you are considering surgery, your ability to do your day-to-day activities has decreased, or you have avoided using that body part altogether. Physical Therapy can help you gain more confidence in that limb or body part. 

3. We can help prevent and manage/recover from injuries 

Some injuries are avoidable and preventable. These ones are typically overuse/underuse injuries. They are also hard to prevent at times because it is a balance of loading or use, fatigue, and the tissue’s ability to withstand the stress on it. Humans like to push limits. Pushing limits can be fun and exhilarating. Operating at those limits can lead to injury if the body isn’t prepared for those limits. Physical Therapists can help guide you through training to minimize injury risk. Once the injury happens, we are able to diagnose the impairments and limitations and develop a treatment plan to get you back to what you were doing pre-injury! Sometimes injuries are nagging or chronic and we can help manage those problems and give you the tools to manage them yourself!

4. We can help improve your movement and fitness

If you’re wanting to start a workout program in the gym, start a running or walking program, or just start to get back to activity in general. Physical Therapists can help you. We can develop a program to meet you where you are physically, mentally, and emotionally and help progress you and give you the tools to help you achieve your ultimate goal. If you are having barriers to training whether it is to get started or get to the next level, we can help you!