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Disc golf or “Tin Lid Golf” as it was 1st described in 1927 was invented in Bladworth,
Saskatchewan, Canada. It is believed to have been started by Ronald Franklin Gibson
and buddies playing on their elementary school ground. They threw 4” round tin lids at
4’ sandy circles on their playground.

The game has evolved over the years and really took off in the 60’s (what didn’t?) The
father of the present game of disc golf is believed to be Kevin Donnelly who was a
Recreation Director and designed nine-disc golf courses on the nine playgrounds that
he supervised.

Presently, there are 3000 course in the U.S. and 4000 coursed worldwide. Growth of
disc golf has averaged 12%-15% per year since the 70’s. Pro disc golfers played for
over 2 million dollars in prize money in 2019.

There are many benefits to playing disc golf
  1. Close to nature
  2. Super easy to learn
  3. Inexpensive
  4. Good exercise
  5. Weight Loss
  6. There are many courses
  7. Network/community
  8. It is FUN!
  9. You experience a “flying feeling”
  10. Anyone can play
  11. You can play anywhere
  12. It is quicker than regular golf
  13. Stress Reduction/Relaxation
  14. The whole family can participate

Disc golf is not without risk! 81% respondent in recent survey stated that they had
experienced an injury while playing disc golf. Elbow injuries are the most frequent,
followed by shoulder, knee and back.

How to Avoid Disc Golf Injury-Checklist
  • Begin slow
  • Be mindful of your body.
  • Honor your physical limitations
  • Warm-up and stretching before serious sessions
  • Master proper techniques
  • Keep your pivot leg straight
  • Be aware of discs stuck in trees
  • Keep control of your temper
  • Be watchful to your surroundings
  • Never undermine any injury

Follow the suggestions of the professional disc golf association.

Top 5 Disc Golf Courses around Portland Metro

Washington Co./Portland Metro has many disc golf facilities. And of course, it is very important to nourish and hydrate yourself after exercise. Try one of the local Brew Pubs nearby to refuel your body.

1. Orchard Disc Golf Park in Hillsboro offers a free 9-hole course. You may also enjoy walking the wooded boardwalk in the 21-acre park or take the kids to the playground complete with restrooms.
Brew Pubs Near: Wildwood Taphouse, Vertigo Brewing & Taproom, Three Mugs Brewing.

2. Hagg Lake Disc Golf Course in Forest Grove features 18 holes. There is a $7 fee to access the park per car for parking.
Brew pubs near: Kaiser Brewing Company, Waltz Brewing, Ridgewalker Brewing Company.

3. Horning’s Hideout in Banks offers camping and disc golf. Making this a perfect weekend getaway. Play one or all 4 of the 18-hole disc courses on the property. The cost is $5 per person making it very affordable for the whole family. The Highlands Course has solar lights on the tee box and at the holes making it a permanent night course as well!
Brew Pubs Near: Hop Cycle Brewing

4. Greenway Disc Golf Park in Beaverton is a 9-hole course in the heart of the 87-acre Greenway park. Make a day of it by using the picnic area, hike the trails, or play at the playground with the kids.
Brew Pubs Near: Pacific Growlers Taphouse, The Iron Tap Station

5. Blue Lake Disc Golf Course is an 18-hole course and costs $5 to play for the day. 

Bonus 6th Course: Lunch Time Disc Golf Course is a 15-hole course that is free to play. 

Both the above courses are in Portland. 
Brew Pubs Near: Migration Brewing, Lucky Labrador Public House, Sasquatch Brewing Co.

And as always, prior to beginning any exercise routine check with your physician and/or
physical therapist to ensure safety and maximum enjoyment with your activities. If you have any questions, reach out to your disc golf experts at Impact Physical Therapy