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HILLSBORO, OR – Kent Bond, owner and lead physical therapist at Impact Physical Therapy in Hillsboro, will tap into his experience treating high-level throwing athletes (e.g., college and professional baseball players) when presenting two seminars at the upcoming Pacific Northwest Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Symposium in Portland.

Scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, March 29-30, at the DoubleTree by Hilton (Lloyd Center), the Pacific Northwest Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Symposium will provide attendees – specifically physical therapists and athletic trainers, but also physicians and orthopedic surgeons – with current evidence-based research and clinical advances on the assessment, management and care of the shoulder.

The event will be presented by Empiridence Seminars, a Portland organization that provides continuing education opportunities for medical professionals in orthopedic, sports and manual therapies.

Bond’s seminars, “Wacky Scappy: Biomechanics and the Role of the Scapula in Shoulder Disorders” and “Transitioning from a Rehab to a Training Program for the Throwing Athlete,” will each focus on the movement, training and rehab requirements of high-level throwing athletes. Both sessions will be held on Sunday – 8:25 a.m. and 3 p.m., respectively.

“I was asked to host these seminars because (event organizer) Karl Kolbeck wanted someone who has knowledge of the game of baseball and who’s worked extensively with athletes before,” Bond said. “Having played baseball from age 7 to 52, I combine my knowledge of the game with my biomechanical and physical therapy knowledge in order to provide athletes with game-specific treatments meant to make them successful at the next level.”
During his “Wacky Scappy” seminar, Bond will discuss the different ways the scapula (or shoulder blade) moves and functions on a throwing athlete vs. someone who isn’t as active in his/her everyday life. “If you’re a professional examining an athlete, and you’re trying to get his shoulder blade to move like a regular person’s, you’re going to put him at risk,” Bond said.

In his second seminar, “Transitioning from Rehab to a Training Program…,” Bond will discuss advanced rehabilitation exercises for the overhead athlete who has just completed physical therapy following injury or surgery and who is ready to get back in playing shape. “The athlete we’ll be addressing is one who just got back his full range of motion,” Bond said. “Now what do we need to do to get his entire kinetic chain involved so once he’s back playing, he won’t reinjure himself?”

Bond boasts 25 years of experience as a licensed physical therapist. At 52, he continues to play competitive baseball in the National Adult Baseball Association (NABA). He has played on three NABA national championship teams.

For more information about the Pacific Northwest Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Symposium, visit www.pacnwsymposium.com.