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-Ted Mayhugh, Tigard High School Lacrosse Coach, Tigard Oregon

“Andrea, and the staff at Impact, were absolutely great! I have had problems with my calf muscle for 20 plus years. Andrea was able to figure out that my calf muscle was not the problem, but the symptom of the real cause. In my case, my hips and weight distribution were not aligned correctly as I walked and ran. I had developed some muscle memory problems after an injury many years ago. After working with me, giving me new exercises to do on my own, and giving me the awareness to know how to develop better muscle moment patterns, I am able to run again without my calf muscle going out. I’ve actually played 18 weeks of lacrosse now without limping, and have started again to spend time on the track. I didn’t think that would be possible. Thanks so much Andrea and Impact!”