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Life happens all the time and it just keeps moving forward. Exercise is constantly recommended to help with improving health time and time again. It can be tough to get it in every day. Sometimes it is hard to do when we are in a time crunch with a new baby, new promotion, health issues, etc…

Exercise doesn’t have to include going to the gym to sweat for an hour and go home. It can be simple like doing chores around the home at a slightly increased pace and parking a little further away from the store when you go out.

My wife and I have recently had a baby and he is 5 months old now, so exercise is a bit harder to come by, and plan to get in. He gets sick, we need sleep, and chores need to get done. There are endless excuses to not exercise now. My wife and I both know we need to get it in to help with sleep, pain, stress management, anxiety, and general health improvement. Our mountain biking excursions are walks around the neighborhood for now.

Carrying him around is great exercise as well! I wanted to share a few exercises that include Jack! He loves them, and I get in a good workout. I’ll wake up the next morning surprised that I am sore!

Include Baby in your workout

Baby Squats

Baby Lunges

Baby Presses

Baby Swings: Step One

Baby Swings: Step Two

Some tips when exercise is tough to fit in:


  1. Something is better than nothing.
  2. If blocking out a time of day isn’t you, take 5-10 minutes here and there to get an exercise in
  3. Include family and pets!
  4. Use things around the home.
  5. Make it fun!