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Active Aging

At Impact, we have the pleasure of working with a wonderful community of seniors. Many are looking to improve movement, manage pain, and optimize function. We place special emphasis on helping you achieve optimal function over the long term, not just when you’re in need of repair.

Functional Wellness

Physical Therapists are experts in movement disorders and it is a lack of movement that is at the heart of many disabilities. Impact has developed evidence-based rehabilitation programs designed specifically to meet the needs of specific patient populations. Our functional wellness programs are a combination of physical therapy, fitness, and education. Impact specializes in serving the following:

Hip and Knee Program

Managing the rehabilitative needs of patients with degenerative conditions of the hip. This includes patients whose goals is to avoid, postpone or recover quickly from joint replacement surgery.

Low Back Program

Managing the rehabilitative needs of patients with back pain for more than 1 year. This includes patients who have may or may not have had surgery, chiropractic care or physical therapy previously.

How it Works

The first step in an Impact Functional Wellness program is to be evaluated by one of our licensed physical therapists. After discussing your medical history, current limitations, and goals, your therapist will perform extensive tests and measures to determine the components of your program, your fitness level, and your rehab potential.

Getting Started

Whether your goal is to regain, maintain, or enhance your mobility, our clinical team is ready to help. Simply call (503) 615-5969 to schedule an appointment with an Impact physical therapist.

Impact participates with most insurance companies and you do not need a prescription or referral to begin treatment.