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Manual Therapy

What is Manual Therapy?

Manual TherapyManual therapy techniques are those implemented by a skilled physical therapist that allow the therapist to take a hands on approach at remodeling dysfunctional tissues and get each patient back to moving the way they were meant to move. Throughout years of practice and continued education, each therapist has developed and refined a particular skill set that is most appropriate for their clients and their rehabilitation techniques.

What can I expect from a Manual Therapy session at Impact?

Manual therapy can range from light oscillations and stretches to more aggressive treatments that help each patient achieve their full potential through physical therapy. The goal of each manual therapy session is to help restore normal movement, and help strengthen deficient muscles. In working directly on debilitated tissue, manual therapy has many other beneficial effects that include tissue extensibility, pain modulation, inflammation reduction, and overall relaxation that facilitates a quick and healthy recovery.