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Aquatic Therapy

Water provides a safe and effective treatment environment for movement and exercise during the rehabilitation process for spine pain, athletic injury, post-surgical recovery, osteoarthritis, and balance issues. Thanks to our Aquatic Therapy program, clients can realize the benefits of such water-based treatments, which serve as an additional tool for recovery during the rehabilitation process.

What is aquatic therapy?

It’s simply the process of improving function and reducing pain by performing exercises while submerged in water, all under the personal guidance of a licensed physical therapist. Such therapy is effective in restoring patient confidence as overall functional mobility increases.

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Muscle relaxation and increased circulation throughout the entire body, each facilitated by the warmth of the water.
  • Decreased gravitational stress on the body and joints due to the buoyancy of the water, providing the ideal environment for pain reduction and healing.
  • Increased balance, trunk stability and overall body awareness stimulated by the warmth and buoyancy of the pool.
  • An increased capacity to improve strength as the viscosity of water provides nature resistance for the body.
  • Improved confidence and function, which goes hand in hand with increased stability and the reduction of pain. This can carry over into everyday life.

Where does Impact offer aquatic therapy sessions?

We offer aquatic therapy sessions at convenient locations such as Hawthorn Sport & Spa. We make sure that the venue offers the correct type, temperature, and depth of pool needed to provide a comfortable setting for your therapy.

Getting started with aquatic therapy at Impact

Our physical therapists will work with you to decide if aquatic therapy is a good fit for you and your rehabilitation goals. A formal physical therapy evaluation at our clinic will help determine your optimal treatment path. If aquatic therapy proves to be an ideal option for you, knowing how to swim is not a prerequisite for such treatments. In fact, patients are often able to hold onto the side of the pool or make use of flotation devices, when needed.

And as with all of our treatments, education plays an important role. Once your customized treatment program is established, our physical therapists will supply you with an exercise sheet you can reference as you continue to exercise on your own.

Want to find out if aquatic therapy is a good fit for your physical therapy or fitness plan? Simply call (503) 315-5969 to schedule an assessment with an Impact physical therapist.